We will add reviews of the ENO production when they are available.

Here are reviews of the 2012 production at the Adelphi Theatre London…

“…what makes this show a thrill is the wonderful interpretation Imelda Staunton gives as Mrs Lovett, the woman who owns the pie shop below Sweeney Todd’s barber shop. If you ever wondered what Vera Drake the musical could be like you get a sense of it here. She gives the material a fresh perspective with a combination of matter of fact EastEnder-ness and brilliant comic timing. Also worthy of a mention is James McConville in the role of the boy Tobias who manages not only to sing very nicely but also pull off some difficult crowd scenes while singing Sondheim’s notoriously elaborate music…” PAUL IN LONDON read more

“…Anthony Ward’s set is a joy in itself to watch with its rotating stages and unexpected bursts of noise and steam constantly keeping the audience on edge. Todd’s barber shop is cleverly set on a raised platform allowing space for his hysteria to build and his victims to fall. It is of course, Sondheim’s operatic success that makes this musical what it is. From the dark and mysterious ‘My Friends’ to the hilarious ‘A Little Priest’ and the heart-warming Not While I’m Around, the audience has the pleasure to explore the wide range of the entire cast’s musical talent…” THE VOID.CO.UK read more

“…The supporting roles were all well cast, with tenor Robert Burt as the Italian barber and Dr. Dulcamara-like character Pirelli, and John Bowe and Peter Polycarpou very fine in the villainous pairing of Judge Turpin and the Beadle. James McConville was a wonderfully scraggy yet forceful Tobias, and the other characters all looked and acted their parts as if born to the roles. My only complaint is a few times when the chorus sang together the sound could be deafening, but as a gripping tale, well told, this is hard to beat. The visual effects are excellent yet never get in the way of the story…” MARK RONAN read more

“If you are a fan of acting and theatre I urge you to see the incredible experience it is to see Imelda Staunton perform live. She was incredible, I’m almost lost for words on how lucky I feel to have witnessed her in one of my favourite shows. Her singing voice although not the most refined was just perfect for the part of Mrs Lovett. At times her communication with the audience and the rest of the cast was something quite beautiful. A joy to watch…” WEST END HUSBAND read more

Michaels balls looked amazballs and almost unrecognisable as Sweeney Todd…If you like blood and guts then you’ll love this show, but there is so much more to enjoy. The amazing set design, good songs and a of course Mr Balls. If none of these things interest you then I highly recommend you see the show for nothing more than Imelda Stauntons hilarious, and undoubtedly (soon to become) award winning performance.” WEST END WILMA read more

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